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Corrigé EFD > EFDD et ajouté l'ENF comme groupe politique

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......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
var colors = [ "white", "#A60000", "#F55E33", "#BABABA", "#AEF279", "#44C92C" ];
// Political groups of the EP
var groups = [ "", "EPP", "S&D", "ALDE", "Verts/ALE", "ECR", "GUE/NGL", "NI", "EFD" ];
var groups = [ "", "EPP", "S&D", "ALDE", "Verts/ALE", "ECR", "GUE/NGL", "NI", "EFDD", "ENF"];
// Template for conversion (how the amendments are displayed once processed: you can change it at will)
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