Commit d85f5e09 authored by stef's avatar stef
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[mod] changed wording again, now to Affected resource

parent 6d5958a6
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ $(document).ready(function() {
<div id='global'>
<h2>{{v.operator}} ({{}}) {{v.contract}}</h2>
<div id="report">
<dl>{%if v.resource_name%}<dt>{% trans "What resource is affected?" %}</dt><dd>{{v.resource_name}}</dd>{%endif%}
<dl>{%if v.resource_name%}<dt>{% trans "Affected resource" %}</dt><dd>{{v.resource_name}}</dd>{%endif%}
{%if v.type%}<dt>{% trans "Type" %}</dt><dd>{{v.type}}</dd>{%endif%}
{%if}<dt>{% trans "Media" %}</dt><dd>{{}}</dd>{%endif%}
{%if v.temporary%}<dt>{% trans "Temporary restriction" %}</dt><dd>{{v.temporary}}</dd>{%endif%}
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