Commit 9133ed86 authored by Noe Gaumont's avatar Noe Gaumont
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pep8 compliance....

parent 7f6594a2
......@@ -14,7 +14,8 @@ PUBLIC_DIR = 'wsgi/static'
'default': {
'NAME': os.getenv('CI_BUILD_REF_NAME', os.getenv('DB_NAME_TEST','memopol_test')),
'NAME': os.getenv('CI_BUILD_REF_NAME',
os.getenv('DB_NAME_TEST', 'memopol_test')),
'USER': os.getenv('DB_USER_TEST', 'memopol_test'),
'PASSWORD': os.getenv('DB_PASSWORD_TEST', 'memopol_test'),
'HOST': os.getenv('DB_HOST_TEST', 'localhost'),
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