Commit a75d7e13 authored by Robin's avatar Robin

Merge branch 'v3laux' of into v3laux

parents 931c563f 39ef66f5
......@@ -22038,10 +22038,8 @@
"updated": "2015-12-27T17:40:18.700Z",
"reference": "2010/2935(RSP)",
"title": "Resolution on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)",
"text": "6.20 Common commercial policy in general\n6.20.01 Agreements and relations in the context of the World Trade Organization (WTO)\n7.30.30.10 Action against counterfeiting",
"created": "2015-12-27T17:40:18.700Z",
"link": "",
"fingerprint": "30ca011fd2991db0e6de50aef0d76e83530003a6"
"text": "",
"created": "2015-12-27T17:40:18.700Z"
"model": "representatives_votes.dossier",
"pk": 28147
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