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Added following files: cameras positions (kml,csv and geojson), street...

Added following files: cameras positions (kml,csv and geojson), street coordinates (csv, geojson), background for Paris map and first script that plots cameras on the map
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# Libraries
import csv
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# Variables
pathOfCameraFile = "/Users/lml/Documents/lqdn/mappingetalgoantisurveillance/2018-11-15-export-cameras-pvpp.kml.csv"
pathOfMapBackground = "parisMap.png"
cameraPositions = [] # List is of the form [latitude,longitude]
allLongitudes = []
allLatitudes = []
maxLatitude = 0
minLatitude = 10000000
maxLongitude = 0
minLongitude = 10000000
eliminateFirstRow = 1 # Deal (poorly) with the header
# Begin
with open(pathOfCameraFile) as openedCsvFile:
readedFile = csv.reader(openedCsvFile,delimiter=';')
for row in readedFile:
if eliminateFirstRow == 0:
longitude = float(row[-3])
latitude = float(row[-2])
minLatitude = min(latitude,minLatitude)
maxLatitude = max(latitude,maxLatitude)
minLongitude = min(longitude,minLongitude)
maxLongitude = max(longitude,maxLongitude)
eliminateFirstRow = 0
boundingBox = (minLongitude,maxLongitude,minLatitude,maxLatitude)
print (boundingBox)
# plot the cameras
fig, ax = plt.subplots()
ax.scatter(allLongitudes, allLatitudes, color='red',s=0.8, marker = r'$\bullet$')
imgBackground = plt.imread(pathOfMapBackground)
ax.imshow(imgBackground, extent=[minLongitude,maxLongitude , minLatitude, maxLatitude])
# show the map
resolution_value = 1200
plt.savefig("myImage.png", format="png", dpi=resolution_value)
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This diff is collapsed.
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