Commit e33cfb69 authored by Brendan Abolivier's avatar Brendan Abolivier

Added minimal tests

parent b97397a5
......@@ -167,6 +167,21 @@ class TestWantzel(unittest.TestCase):
"test: note 1 / publié (" % i
def testFlagCommandForAnUnknownArticle(self):
self.wantzel.on_privmsg("test!", "#test_channel", "~flag p")
messages["status_unknown_article"] % "test"
def testFlagCommandForAKnownArticle(self):
self.wantzel.on_privmsg("test!", "#test_channel", "~rp")
self.wantzel.on_privmsg("test!", "#test_channel", "~flag a")
"test: note 1 / archivé / non publié"
def testStatsCommandWithNoArticle(self):
self.wantzel.on_privmsg("test!", "#test_channel", "~stats")
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