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How to work with it
Add another translation
You can find a nice description about how to get started
with translations at
Thanks for your efforts!
Technical guideline for operators
If you are used to work on the command line,
these informations might help you along.
Add a new translation file
cd po
msginit --locale pt
This should add a new translation file ``pt.po``.
Please edit the header fields ``Last-Translator``
and ``Language-Team`` appropriately. Then, add
the translation texts.
You might want to have a look at the existing
translations as a reference, especially about
how to handle multiline items:
`<po/fr.po>`_, `<po/en.po>`_, `<po/de.po>`_ and
Convert translation file formats
Convert GNU gettext PO files to i18next_ JSON format::
yarn install
make gettext-to-json
This should convert all ``po/*.po`` files to their
corresponding ``json/*.json`` pendants.
It uses the `i18next-gettext-converter`_ module under the hood.
.. note::
As the JSON files will be automatically generated from
the PO files, there's no need to edit/update them when
adding/correcting a translation for a specific language.
Just run the command above to build the JSON files
from the PO files.
.. _i18next:
.. _i18next-gettext-converter:
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