Commit ad068a64 authored by The GAFAM tech collective's avatar The GAFAM tech collective
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Update Makefile: Use Python3, Use bump2version

parent 648636f9
......@@ -23,15 +23,17 @@ gettext-to-json:
# bumpversion
# ===========
$(eval venvpath := .venv2)
$(eval bumpversion := $(venvpath)/bin/bumpversion)
$(eval venvpath := .venv)
$(eval pip := $(venvpath)/bin/pip)
$(eval python := $(venvpath)/bin/python)
$(eval bump2version := $(venvpath)/bin/bump2version)
@test -e $(venvpath)/bin/python || `command -v virtualenv` --python=`command -v python` --no-site-packages $(venvpath)
@test -e $(python) || python3 -m venv --system-site-packages $(venvpath)
bumpversion: virtualenv
@$(venvpath)/bin/pip install bumpversion
$(bumpversion) $(bump)
@$(venvpath)/bin/pip install bump2version
$(bump2version) $(bump)
# =======
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