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:target: https://github.com/gafam/www.gafam.info
www.gafam.info TODO
www.gafam.info tasks
- [o] Implement "poster autolayout" proof of concept:
Try to layout the poster in CSS/Javascript for easier reproduction
of translated versions without having to do a manual layout step.
Use Fitty (https://rikschennink.github.io/fitty/) for the job.
Or have a look at FitText or FlowType:
See https://github.com/posterkit. This is still pre-alpha! ;]
- [o] Add separate "Gallery" page embedding images from ptrace.gafam.info
- [o] Popover inline anchor handles
- [o] Smooth scrolling to inline anchors
- [o] Add "About LQDN" section. Footer?
- [o] Add "Alternatives" section with things like
- PRISM Break
- https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/PRISM_Break
- https://github.com/nylira/prism-break
- Framasoft
- https://framasoft.org/
- https://framapack.org/
- Educational / Why Open Source?
- https://opensource.org/
- https://opensource.guide/
- https://www.gnu.org/software/software.en.html
- Misc
- https://opensourcesoftwaredirectory.com/
- https://directory.fsf.org/
- https://www.softwareheritage.org/
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_free_and_open-source_software_packages
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_free_and_open-source_software_organizations
- [x] Add README.rst to gafam-translations repository
- [x] Make embedding on IM a richer experience (add og:image)
- [x] Add translations into German
- [x] Redaction/rewording/emphasis
- [x] Rename repository gafam-l10n to gafam-poster-translations
- [o] Add "How to reproduce" section
- [o] Add "Gallery" page
- [o] Try to layout the poster in CSS/Javascript for easier reproduction
of translated versions without having to do a manual layout step.
- [x] Add English PDF publication from "12:00 AM - 3 Jan 2018"
- https://wiki.laquadrature.net/Fichier:LQDNgafamEN.pdf
- https://wiki.laquadrature.net/images/f/f2/LQDNgafamEN.pdf
- [x] Add "How to reproduce" section
- [x] Get rid of the pull-left/pull-right stuff and properly move to
flex things like "column » is-6/is-6" at https://gafam.info/#resources.
Then, things might start working on mobile actually ;].
- [x] Add "What else?" section
While all this is just about #GAFAM, we published all resources as public domain (CC0).
In this spirit, we encourage you to apply the same to #BATX or ....
- [x] Add "About" section to both index.html and README.rst
La Quadrature du Net started the GAFAM poster campaign around December 2017 in order
to support their call for donations.
After visiting the 34C3 congress, we picked this up in January 2018 to support
the lovely people of LQDN in covering the whole world.
- [x] Content attributions
- https://twitter.com/NabeelAdeni/status/943733947921518592
- https://twitter.com/linto_ai/status/950756933199314945
- https://twitter.com/mauddelavO/status/941602492521111552
- https://twitter.com/vincib/status/946859282498314240
- https://twitter.com/churchill58/status/952437523749404673
- [x] Use label "The GAFAM poster campaign" all over the place incl.
files in the "gafam-poster-translations" repository.
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