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A call for help

We wrote down the original French texts and its translations to the English language from the GAFAM campaign poster texts published by La Quadrature du Net and put them on GitHub using the GNU gettext format.

Now, we are looking for contributors helping out with translations into more languages.

We really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!


The resources and materials we have collected so far. On the left side, you will find the PDF file originally published by LQDN. On the right side, all translation files from the GitHub repository will be displayed. As of now, we have French and English so we are looking forward to your contribution!

Language French
Format PDF

La Quadrature du Net


By popular demand, the PDFs of the campaign posters. LQDN has already covered Paris and counts on you to cover the rest of the country and the world! The posters were printed on A3 colored paper, but do as you please! CC0

Download as PDF
Languages French English German
Format gettext PO


Adding a translation is really easy, it's just about downloading a template file, editing a few lines and sending it back to us:

  1. Download the translation template file gafam.pot to your computer.
  2. Rename the file using the language code of choice, e.g. "pt.po" for translating into the Portuguese language.

    You might want to have a look at the list of ISO 639-1 codes and the ISO 639 macrolanguage as a reference.

  3. Edit the ".po" file you just created and perform the translation by assigning appropriate values to all "msgstr" variables. You might want to use either the French original or the English or German translations as reference.

    Please use the UTF-8 character encoding when editing the translation file.

  4. Send the file containing the translated texts to Thanks!

If you know your way around Git, we also appreciate receiving pull requests to the translation file repository on GitHub, gafam-l10n.