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La Quadrature du Net started the GAFAM poster campaign around November 2017 in order to support their call for donations. After getting hooked at the 34C3 congress, we picked this up in January 2018 to support the lovely people of LQDN in covering the whole world.

We wrote down the original French texts and its translations to the English language from the GAFAM campaign poster texts and put them on GitHub using the GNU gettext format.

Now, we are looking for contributors to add more translations into different languages.

How to reproduce?

Read all about how to print the posters locally.

  1. Get access to a laser printer. Please don't use Inkjets as they will draw too much ink for filling the black areas. Really, don't do it.
  2. Get some colored paper which fits your printer. You will need red, white, blue, yellow and green.
  3. Choose one of the design resources below which fulfills your needs regarding format and language and download it to your computer.

      French posters in PDF format   English posters in PDF format   German posters in PDF format

  4. Follow these steps to prepare for and perform printing.

    Make multiple staples of N sheets each for each color. Then, put them together in the sequence of red, white, blue, yellow and green.
    This looks good.
    Now, put this whole staple into your printer in a way that the red sheets will be picked up first.
    Send print jobs of N duplicates for each page of the multipage poster document PDF file.

  5. Go ahead, disseminate the printouts in your local neighbourhood and send pictures. Cheers!

Resources for download

The resources and materials collected so far. These are PDF files published by LQDN.

Language French
Format PDF

La Quadrature du Net


By popular demand, the PDFs of the campaign posters. LQDN has already covered Paris and counts on you to cover the rest of the country and the world! The posters were printed on A3 colored paper, but do as you please! CC0

Language English
Format PDF

La Quadrature du Net


After 7 weeks of an intensive campaign, LQDN reached 66% of their goal. Thanks to all of you who support LQDN and have shared their calls for donations. The posters were shared on social networks so they translated them into English.
Files in SVG format will be added soon! ;)

Language German
Format PDF

La Quadrature du Net


LQDN shared the German PDF file variant. Santé!


Adding a translation is really easy, it's just about downloading a template file, editing a few lines and sending it back to us:

  1. Download the translation template file gafam-poster.pot to your computer.
  2. Rename the file using the language code of choice, e.g. "pt.po" for translating into the Portuguese language.

    You might want to have a look at the list of ISO 639-1 codes and the ISO 639 macrolanguage as a reference.

  3. Edit the ".po" file you just created and perform the translation by assigning appropriate values to all "msgstr" variables. You might want to use either the French original or the English or German translations as reference.

    Please use the UTF-8 character encoding when editing the translation file.

  4. Send the file containing the translated texts to

    If you know your way around Git, we also appreciate receiving pull requests to the translation file repository on GitHub, gafam-poster-translations.
  5. Thank you so much for helping to spread the word. As soon as we have stickers, we will definitively get a bunch of them to you!

Collected translations

The translations collected so far. Using the embedded view below, you can switch between the languages already translated and display the translation files in GNU gettext format. If you want to dig deeper, you are welcome to have a look at the underlying GitHub repository. We encourage you to contribute a translation if you feel it is missing from the list. As of now, we have French, English and German so there are many languages to go for!

Languages French English German
Format gettext PO

What else?

While the original poster campaign by LQDN is all about GAFAM (#GAFAM), the resources around it have been released to the public domain (CC0).

In this spirit, we encourage the community to apply the same to BATX (Wikipedia, Twitter) and NATU ([1], [2]).