Commit c8ad26c7 authored by jaster's avatar jaster
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bin/ fix `memopol-update-all` alias

`memopol-update-all` was not working due to a typo in its definition.
parent d7bdb9b3
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ echo $ALIASROOT
echo "Create a dedicated alias file in $ALIASROOT"
echo "alias memopol-code=\"cd $REPOROOT && source $REPOROOT/memopol_env/bin/activate && DJANGO_DEBUG=True\"" > $ALIASROOT
echo "alias memopol-launch=\"memopol-code && memopol runserver\"" >> $ALIASROOT
echo "alias memopol-update-all=\"memopol-code && bin/update-all\"" >> $ALIASROOT
echo "alias memopol-update-all=\"memopol-code && bin/update_all\"" >> $ALIASROOT
echo "alias memopol-refresh-scores=\"memopol-code && memopol refresh_scores\"" >> $ALIASROOT
case $SHELL in
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