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epicenter is taking over for netzfreiheit

See merge request !43
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......@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@
<a href=""> <img alt="EDRI logo" src="/static/img/logos/edri.png" /><br> European Digital Rights </a>
<li class="logo-org">
<a href=""> <img alt="Netzfreiheit logo" src="/static/img/logos/netzfreiheit.png" /><br> Initiative für Netzfreiheit </a>
<a href=""> <img alt=" logo" src="/static/img/logos/epicenter.png" /><br> </a>
<li class="logo-org">
<a href=""> <img alt="IT-Politisk Forening logo" src="/static/img/logos/ITpollogo.png" /><br> IT-Politisk Forening </a>
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