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Modified detectAndTrackMultipleFaces so that the color of the rectangle around...

Modified detectAndTrackMultipleFaces so that the color of the rectangle around people's face depends upon their suspicionlevel
parent beb36f0e
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ def calculateAverageSuspicious(faceSuspicion):
averageSuspicious = sum(faceSuspicion)/currentFaces
print(f"Average suspicion: {averageSuspicious}")
def detectAndTrackMultipleFaces(start_thread, charset):
def detectAndTrackMultipleFaces(start_thread, charset, draw_person_dangerosity):
#Open the first webcame device
capture = cv2.VideoCapture(0)
......@@ -250,6 +250,15 @@ def detectAndTrackMultipleFaces(start_thread, charset):
#of the person, otherwise the message indicating we are detecting
#the name of the person
for fid in faceTrackers.keys():
# Draw a rectangle around people's face
# Deal with the two others rectangles
tracked_position = faceTrackers[fid].get_position()
t_x = int(tracked_position.left())
......@@ -257,11 +266,6 @@ def detectAndTrackMultipleFaces(start_thread, charset):
t_w = int(tracked_position.width())
t_h = int(tracked_position.height())
cv2.rectangle(resultImage, (t_x, t_y),
(t_x + t_w , t_y + t_h),
rectangleColor ,2)
cv2.rectangle(resultImage, (t_x+t_w, t_y), (t_x+t_w+30, t_y+80), suspiciousColors[faceSuspicion[fid]], -1)
if averageSuspicious>2.5:
......@@ -315,11 +319,50 @@ def detectAndTrackMultipleFaces(start_thread, charset):
def rectangle_around_face(fid, faceTrackers, faceSuspicion, draw_person_dangerosity, resultImage):
Draw a rectangle around's people face
If draw_person_dangerosity = True -> Add a color based on suspicionLevel
tracked_position = faceTrackers[fid].get_position()
t_x = int(tracked_position.left())
t_y = int(
t_w = int(tracked_position.width())
t_h = int(tracked_position.height())
# If we want to have a dangerosity color per personn
if draw_person_dangerosity :
suspicionLevel = faceSuspicion[fid]
person_color = draw_person_dangerosity_color(suspicionLevel)
# Else default to rectangleColor
person_color = rectangleColor
cv2.rectangle(resultImage, (t_x, t_y),
(t_x + t_w , t_y + t_h),
def draw_person_dangerosity_color(suspicionLevel):
Compute person level suspicion -> simplified to 2 levels
Can reintroduce the faceSuspicious dictionnary lated, was more clean
if suspicionLevel>2:
color = RED
color = GREEN
return color
if __name__ == '__main__':
# False: Names are directly printed on screen, no new thread
# Select only names with letters and whitespace. Any other value will select printable.
charset = "letters"
charset = "letters",
# If True, then rectangle color around people' face will turn red if dangerous
# + a message will pop
draw_person_dangerosity = True
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