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    Add Occitan (oc) translation (#2077) · 0a1b0246
    Koala Yeung authored
    * Added oc.yml
    * Added `config/locales/oc.yml`.
      Translated in General Occitan (Quent-in).
    * Added oc.jsx (Occitan translation)
    * Written in General Occitan (lengadocian)
    * Added `app/assets/javascripts/components/locales/oc.js`
    * Added doorkeeper.oc.yml
    * Added `config/locales/doorkeeper.oc.yml` (Quent-in)
    * Added simple_form.oc.yml
    * Added `config/locales/simple_form.oc.yml` (Quent-in).
    * Merge en.yml changes into oc.yml
    Added new strings for translations
    * Fix typo in oc.yml
    * Update javascript locale support (oc)
    * Update ruby locale list (oc)
    * Fix oc.yml
    * Remove obsoleted translations
    * Moved old translation of `reports` to `admin.reports`