Commit 6ae97599 authored by Mingye Wang's avatar Mingye Wang Committed by Eugen Rochko
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Refine CW placeholder in Chinese jsx files (#2447)

parent 5d26c70a
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ const zh_cn = {
// Going "toot-toot!" here below.
"compose_form.publish": "嘟嘟!",
"compose_form.sensitive": "将媒体文件标示为“敏感内容”",
"compose_form.spoiler_placeholder": "敏感内容",
"compose_form.spoiler_placeholder": "敏感内容的警告消息",
"compose_form.spoiler": "将部份文本藏于警告消息之后",
"compose_form.unlisted": "请勿在公共时间轴显示",
"emoji_button.label": "加入表情符号",
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ const zh_hk = {
"compose_form.private": "標示為「只有關注你的人能看」",
"compose_form.publish": "發文",
"compose_form.sensitive": "將媒體檔案標示為「敏感內容」",
"compose_form.spoiler_placeholder": "敏感內容",
"compose_form.spoiler_placeholder": "敏感警告訊息",
"compose_form.spoiler": "將部份文字藏於警告訊息之後",
"compose_form.unlisted": "請勿在公共時間軸顯示",
"emoji_button.label": "加入表情符號",
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