1. 21 Apr, 2017 31 commits
  2. 20 Apr, 2017 9 commits
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      Repair most egregious mistakes in onboarding modal (#1964) · d2514445
      Shel R authored
      * Repair most egregious mistakes
      The deployed changes broke the pedagogy and curriculum built into the design of the onboarding modals, which had been reviewed and approved by various other contributors. While the changed layouts of the pages make some of the original decisions impossible to re-implement without substantial work, these changes should at least make the modals not outright terrible. 
      The empty confusing description of Mastodon was replaced with an actual basic explanation of federation. The language was modified to be friendly and conversational again. Grammatical errors were fixed. The explanations of local and federated timelines were re-ordered to be in the direct that the menus go, top to bottom, and the sentence was re-added which explains that they are what "public timelines" refers to (since this phrasing is used elsewhere in the UI) and suggests the user use them to discover who to follow. A figure of the profile picture that lives above the compose box was padded to page two to serve as a landmark for less technically literate users to easily find the compose box and understand that the next page is moving upwards, so that they can find the search bar. 
      Ideally, the elephant artwork should be either removed or replaced with something less depressing.  Room should be made to point users at the notifications column's settings icon because "how do I turn off the notification noise" is one of the most asked questions of new users and those icons are not easily noticeable. This last part may be made obsolete if the settings UI is later re-worked.
      * Change copy
      This commit addresses copy change suggestions made in the PR discussion
      * Add periods to ends of sentences missing periods
      * Made "Home" "Federated" "Local" and "Notifications" lowercase
      * Separate explanation of "connecting" and the word "instance" into two sentences, to make the sentence less dense.
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      French translation cleanup (#2223) · daa46f14
      Alda Marteau-Hardi authored
      * Alphabetically order translation keys
      * Fix some missing gender neutral translations in french
      * Add a comment to remind contributors to order translations by key
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      Admin settings controller refactor, add specs, cleanup (#2225) · 1ada494b
      Matt Jankowski authored
      * Add render_views for admin/settings spec
      * Add coverage for admin/settings#update
      * Add coverage for admin/settings typecasting open_registrations setting
      * Simplify how admin/settings finds the value for updating
      * Rely on activerecord to not update a value that hasnt changed
      * Add coverage for non-existent setting
      * Use a constant for boolean settings
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      Make Docker image buildable on ARM (#2065) · 556f68ab
      Christoph Witzany authored
      * after yarn upgrade
      * after manually removing node-gyp as top level dependency
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