1. 23 Apr, 2017 11 commits
    • Koala Yeung's avatar
      Adding arabic string localization (rebased) (#1895) · 6f0b3b06
      Koala Yeung authored
      * Create ar.jsx
      * Preparing file for translation.
      * Create ar.yml
      * Preparing file for translation.
      * Create simple_form.ar.yml
      * Preparing file for translation.
      * Create devise.ar.yml
      * Preparing file for translation.
      * Create doorkeeper.ar.yml
      * Preparing file for translation.
      * Update index.jsx
      Preparing file for translation.
      * Update mastodon.jsx
      * Preparing file to translation.
      * Correction thanks to @Taekiro
      * Update settings_helper.rb
      Preparing file to translation.
      * Update application.rb
      * Preparing file to translation.
      * Update simple_form.ar.yml
      * Update doorkeeper.ar.yml
      * Update devise.ar.yml
      * Update ar.yml
      * Fix i18n-tasks unused issue (ar)
      Remove unused translation strings
      * Update application.rb
      * Update ar.jsx
      * Fix various issues with Arabic translation
      * Fix duplication caused in merge
      * Fix syntax error in devise.ar.yml
      * Fix import error Duplicated incorrect import in mastodon.jsx
      * Fix duplication error in locales/index.jsx
      * Update ar.yml
      * Update ar.jsx
      * Update ar.yml
      * Update ar.jsx
      * Fix ar translation
    • Ashley's avatar
      Tooltip for boosting depends on toot visibility (#1394) (#1754) · 9cd20a70
      Ashley authored
      * Made tooltip for boosting depend on visibility
      * Removed spaces that were added in merge conflict resolution
      * Try again :P
      * Added missing bracket
      * Changed 'toot' to 'status'
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    • Evan Minto's avatar
      ActivityPub: Add basic, read-only support for Outboxes, Notes, and... · 66fd8e78
      Evan Minto authored
      ActivityPub: Add basic, read-only support for Outboxes, Notes, and Create/Announce Activities (#2197)
      * Clean up collapsible components
      * Expose user Outboxes and AS2 representations of statuses
      * Save work thus far.
      * Fix bad merge.
      * Save my work
      * Clean up pagination.
      * First test working.
      * Add tests.
      * Add Forbidden error template.
      * Revert yarn.lock changes.
      * Fix code style deviations and use localized instead of hardcoded English text.
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    • Ash Furrow's avatar
      Admin UI for confirming users (#2245) · 723f25a9
      Ash Furrow authored
      * Shows confirmed status in list.
      * Adds ability to confirm users in admin UI.
      * Added new english translations.
      * Addresses feedback from #2245.
      * More feedback.
    • Eugen's avatar
      Add a confirmation modal: (#2279) · 59b1de0b
      Eugen authored
      - Deleting a toot
      - Muting, blocking someone
      - Clearing notifications
      Remove source map generation from development environment, as it is a huge
      performance sink hole with little gains
    • Akihiko Odaki's avatar
      Alter Japanese translations for CW and NSFW (#2305) · df46864b
      Akihiko Odaki authored
      The previous translation for NSFW, "不適切" means "impertinent". This change
      suggests "閲覧注意", which means the content requires precaution, instead.
      However, "閲覧注意" was also a translation for CW. CW is now translated as
      "警告", which simply means "warnings".
    • Stephen Burgess's avatar
      Replace inline styles with CSS classes (BEM) (#2338) · cca41ea5
      Stephen Burgess authored
      * fix(classnames): Status icon style classnames
      Take out inline css and put into classnames for the following components: account, avatar, icon button, status action bar, notification.
      * fix(status): Move styles from inline to classes for statuses
      Move styles to classnames in components.scss for the following components:
      display name
      media gallery
      status content
      video player
      * fix(classnames): Add classnames to rest of components
      Take out inline styles and apply them to classnames in the sass for the following components:
      column back button
      slim column back button
      collapsable column
      dropdown menu
      loading indicator
      status list
      * fix(classnames): Remove all non-dynamic inline styles
      Components affected:
      action bar
      character counter
      compose form
      emoji dropdown
      privacy dropdown
      reply indicator
      upload form
      account auth
      getting started
      column settings
      status checkbox
      action bar
      boost modal
      media modal
      video modal
      * fix(permalink): Do not lose classname
      * fix(tests): Add space back in display name
      * fix(status__wrapper): Remove duplicate css name
      Remove incorrect style attribute. Remove style attribute all together. Cursor defaults to "auto" when not specified as 'default'.
      * fix(nl): do not lose translations
    • Matt Jankowski's avatar
      Clean up flash display in views (#2336) · 532bec6e
      Matt Jankowski authored
      * Add flashes partial to DRY up admin/auth layouts
      * Further consolidate flash messages
    • Matt Jankowski's avatar
      Move force_ssl check to production config (#2165) · ee82d8a8
      Matt Jankowski authored
      The force_ssl method from controllers does not add all of the options that the
      sitewide configuration in a config block does. For example, HSTS enforcement is
      not added by the controller method, but is added by this style.
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