1. 23 Apr, 2017 6 commits
    • Ash Furrow's avatar
      Admin UI for confirming users (#2245) · 723f25a9
      Ash Furrow authored
      * Shows confirmed status in list.
      * Adds ability to confirm users in admin UI.
      * Added new english translations.
      * Addresses feedback from #2245.
      * More feedback.
    • Eugen's avatar
      Add a confirmation modal: (#2279) · 59b1de0b
      Eugen authored
      - Deleting a toot
      - Muting, blocking someone
      - Clearing notifications
      Remove source map generation from development environment, as it is a huge
      performance sink hole with little gains
    • Akihiko Odaki's avatar
      Alter Japanese translations for CW and NSFW (#2305) · df46864b
      Akihiko Odaki authored
      The previous translation for NSFW, "不適切" means "impertinent". This change
      suggests "閲覧注意", which means the content requires precaution, instead.
      However, "閲覧注意" was also a translation for CW. CW is now translated as
      "警告", which simply means "warnings".
    • Stephen Burgess's avatar
      Replace inline styles with CSS classes (BEM) (#2338) · cca41ea5
      Stephen Burgess authored
      * fix(classnames): Status icon style classnames
      Take out inline css and put into classnames for the following components: account, avatar, icon button, status action bar, notification.
      * fix(status): Move styles from inline to classes for statuses
      Move styles to classnames in components.scss for the following components:
      display name
      media gallery
      status content
      video player
      * fix(classnames): Add classnames to rest of components
      Take out inline styles and apply them to classnames in the sass for the following components:
      column back button
      slim column back button
      collapsable column
      dropdown menu
      loading indicator
      status list
      * fix(classnames): Remove all non-dynamic inline styles
      Components affected:
      action bar
      character counter
      compose form
      emoji dropdown
      privacy dropdown
      reply indicator
      upload form
      account auth
      getting started
      column settings
      status checkbox
      action bar
      boost modal
      media modal
      video modal
      * fix(permalink): Do not lose classname
      * fix(tests): Add space back in display name
      * fix(status__wrapper): Remove duplicate css name
      Remove incorrect style attribute. Remove style attribute all together. Cursor defaults to "auto" when not specified as 'default'.
      * fix(nl): do not lose translations
    • Matt Jankowski's avatar
      Clean up flash display in views (#2336) · 532bec6e
      Matt Jankowski authored
      * Add flashes partial to DRY up admin/auth layouts
      * Further consolidate flash messages
    • Matt Jankowski's avatar
      Move force_ssl check to production config (#2165) · ee82d8a8
      Matt Jankowski authored
      The force_ssl method from controllers does not add all of the options that the
      sitewide configuration in a config block does. For example, HSTS enforcement is
      not added by the controller method, but is added by this style.
  2. 22 Apr, 2017 20 commits
  3. 21 Apr, 2017 14 commits