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chore: removing unused template

parent 39a0faaf
<li component="topic/event" class="timeline-event" data-topic-event-id="{id}">
<div class="timeline-badge">
<i class="fa {{{ if icon }}}{icon}{{{ else }}}fa-circle{{{ end }}}"></i>
<span class="timeline-text">
{{{ if ../href }}}
<a href="{config.relative_path}{../href}">{../text}</a>&nbsp;
{{{ else }}}
{{{ end }}}
{{{ if user }}}
{{{ if !./user.system }}}<span><a href="{config.relative_path}/user/{./user.userslug}">{buildAvatar(user, "xs", true)}&nbsp;{./user.username}</a></span>&nbsp;{{{ end }}}
{{{ if ./user.system }}}<span class="timeline-text">[[global:system-user]]</span>&nbsp;{{{ end }}}
{{{ else }}}
<span class="timeline-text">[[global:unknown-user]]</span>&nbsp;
{{{ end }}}
<span class="timeago timeline-text" title="{timestampISO}"></span>
{{{ if isAdminOrMod}}}
&nbsp;<span component="topic/event/delete" data-topic-event-id="{id}" class="timeline-text pointer" title="[[topic:delete-event]]"><i class="fa fa-trash"></i></span>
{{{ end }}}
\ No newline at end of file
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