Commit 0ab2a23f authored by okhin's avatar okhin
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Fixing the self.kind

parent 7c3d0a1a
......@@ -27,9 +27,9 @@ class Importer(models.Model):
def kind(self):
if self.url is None and self.file is None:
if self.url is '' and self.file is None:
return None
if self.url is None:
if self.url is '':
return 'file'
return 'url'
......@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ class Importer(models.Model):
For instance, the comittee of a MEP would be listed in a column named 'group:comittee', separated
by columns.
import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()
import_data = []
# First let's check what kind of importer are we running.
# If it's a file, let's parse it according to our format.
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