Commit 0ff97643 authored by okhin's avatar okhin

Fixing the coverage and tests into gtlab-ci

parent 997eb80b
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test python 3:
job test python:
- virtualenv --python=python3 env
- source env/bin/activate
- cp picampaign/ picampaign/
- python develop
- 'echo ${VIRTUAL_ENV}'
- python test
- pip install coverage
- ${VIRTUAL_ENV}/bin/coverage --source='.' test
- ${VIRTUAL_ENV}/bin/coverage report --omit ="${VIRTUAL_ENV}/*",'*'
stage: test
- test
- preprod
coverage run --source='.' test
coverage report --omit='ve/*','*'
${VIRTUAL_ENV}/bin/coverage run --source='.' test
${VIRTUAL_ENV}/bin/coverage report --omit="${VIRTUAL_ENV}/*",'*'
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