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Expanding parameters for feedbackform

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......@@ -63,14 +63,20 @@ class Main extends Controller {
function call($f3, $args) {
if ($f3->get('VERB') == 'GET') {
$f3->set('contact', Api::get_contact($args['id']));
$categories = Api::get_feedback_categories();
$f3->set('feedback_categories', $categories);
$f3->set('contact_id', $args['id']);
$f3->set('block_content', 'feedbackform.html');
$f3->set("contact_id", $contact_id);
$arguments = Api::get_arguments();
$f3->set('arguments', $arguments);
$f3->set('block_content', 'feedbackform.html');
elseif ($f3->get('VERB') == 'POST'){
// To get the callee, we have the callee_id in the form. Using that
// to load the callee and retrieve its number.
$contact = Api::get_contact($args['id']);
$contact = Api::get_contact($args['contact_id']);
$f3->set('contact', $contact);
$call_id = str_replace('.', '-', uniqid('', true));
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