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Fake REST API in order to be able to work

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// Fake REST API from Campaign module
class RestApi {
function campaign($f3,$args) {
echo '{
"title": "Piphone Demo\'s campaign",
"description": "This is a demo campaign used to illustrate how the piphone works. This campaign does not grants you the possibility to contact anyone, it\'s just an ilustration of how it works.",
"start_date": "2014-01-01",
"end_date": "2014-12-31",
"default_language": "en"
function contacts($f3,$args) {
// List of contacts
function contact($f3,$args) {
if ($f3->exists('')) {
// Specified contact
} else {
// Random contact
function groups($f3,$args) {
// List of groups available
function categories($f3,$args) {
// List of feedback categories
function feedback_add($f3,$args) {
// List of contacts
function arguments($f3,$args) {
// List of arguments
; Main site
GET @home:/=Main->show
GET @home:/=Main->home
GET /restapi/campaign/@id=RestApi->campaign
GET /restapi/campaign/@id/contacts=RestApi->contacts
GET /restapi/campaign/@id/contact=RestApi->contact
GET /restapi/campaign/@id/contact/@contact=RestApi->contact
GET /restapi/campaign/@id/groups=RestApi->groups
GET /restapi/campaign/@id/feedback/categories=RestApi->categories
POST /restapi/campaign/@id/feedback/add=RestApi->feedback_add
GET /restapi/campaign/@id/arguments/@lang=RestApi->arguments
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