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......@@ -7,6 +7,12 @@ class Controller {
// Function called before routing
function beforeRoute($f3, $args) {
// Languages available
$languages = array(
array("iso" => "fr", "name"=>"Français"),
array("iso" => "en", "name"=>"English"),
$f3->set('languages', $languages);
// Function called after routing
<!-- contact page -->
<p class="left"><img src="" alt="mep"></p>
<p id="name">Amelia ANDERSDOTTER</p>
<ul id="resume">
<li id="phone">Phone number: <a href="tel:+322 28 45922 ">+322 28 45922 </a></li>
<li id="group"><span>Political group:</span><a href=""><img style="vertical-align: middle;" src="" height="24" alt="Greens/EFA" /></a> - Greens/EFA</li>
<li id="party"><span>National party:</span> Piratpartiet</li>
<li id="country"><span>Country: </span><img style="vertical-align: middle;" src="/static/ui-2.0/flag/SE.png" height="24" alt="SE" /></li>
<ul id="committee">
<li title="Committee on Industry, Research and Energy"><a href="" style="color: white;">ITRE</a></li>
<li title="Committee on International Trade"><a href="" style="color: white;">INTA</a></li>
<li title="Committee on Budgetary Control"><a href="" style="color: white;">CONT</a></li>
<p id="info"><a href="">Get more info…</a></p>
<!-- contact page -->
<!-- content -->
Hello world!
<h1>{{ _("PiPhone") }}</h1>
<h2>{{ _("Call Contact for free - and make yourself heard") }}</h2>
<repeat group="{{ @languages }}" value="{{ @language }}">
<a href="/lang/{{ @language.iso }}">{{ }}</a> |
<h3>{{ _("Piphone demo's Campaign") }}</h3>
<section id="abstract">
{{ _("This is a demo campaign used to illustrate how the piphone works. This campaign does not grants you the possibility to contact anyone, it's just an ilustration of how it works.") }}
<section id="contact">
<include href="contact.html" />
<!-- /content -->
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