Fat-Free Framework  3.3.0  Overview Class List Hierarchy
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CMapperFlat-file DB mapper
 CSessionJig-managed session handler
 CMapperMongoDB mapper
 CSessionMongoDB-managed session handler
 CMapperSQL data mapper
 CSessionSQL-managed session handler
 CCursorSimple cursor implementation
 CJigFlat-file DB wrapper
 CMongoMongoDB wrapper
 CSQLPDO wrapper
 CStaticMapGoogle Static Maps API v2 plug-in
 CGeoGeo plug-in
 COpenIDOpenID consumer
 CPingbackPingback 1.0 protocol (client and server) implementation
 CAuditData validator
 CAuthAuthorization/authentication plug-in
 CBaseBase structure
 CBasketSession-based pseudo-mapper
 CBcryptLightweight password hashing library
 CCacheCache engine
 CF3Legacy mode enabler
 CImageImage manipulation tools
 CISOISO language/country codes
 CLogCustom logger
 CMagicPHP magic wrapper
 CMarkdownMarkdown-to-HTML converter
 CMatrixGeneric array utilities
 CPrefabFactory class for single-instance objects
 CPreviewLightweight template engine
 CRegistryContainer for singular object instances
 CSessionCache-based session handler
 CSMTPSMTP plug-in
 CTemplateXML-style template engine
 CTestUnit test kit
 CUTFUnicode string manager
 CViewView handler
 CWebWrapper for various HTTP utilities