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# Where to connect the webservice
base_url = ws://
# Which protocol is used by the ARI server
protocol = http
# Where does the protocol lives
server =
# Under which path is the api located
api_base = ari
# What is the name of the app to be used on the asterisk servr
app = piphone
# What is the api_key associated to it
key = piphone
# What is the passowrd needed to connect to application
password = keXie1go
# What SIP-context shoudl we use to make phone calls
sip-context = forfait-kwaoo
# What is the playback we want to play when a suer connects
playback = sound:mario
# The path to the sqlite database
db = call.db
# The log file
log = call.log
# The log level
verbosity = debug
# Which music on hold class should we use
class = piphone
# What is the name of the moh bridge
name = piphone-moh
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