Commit cb9e57ff authored by Okhin's avatar Okhin

FIxing the indenting of yaml file

parent 737f63b9
Pipeline #677 failed
job deploy prod: job deploy prod:
stage: deploy stage: deploy
tags: tags:
- prod - prod
only: only:
- master - master
variables: variables:
- GIT_DIR: '/var/www/rmn/respect-my-net/.git' - GIT_DIR: '/var/www/rmn/respect-my-net/.git'
- GIT_WORK_DIR: '/var/www/rmn/respect-my-net/' - GIT_WORK_DIR: '/var/www/rmn/respect-my-net/'
script: script:
- source /var/www/rmn/respect-my-net/env/bin/activate - source /var/www/rmn/respect-my-net/env/bin/activate
- git pull origin master - git pull origin master
- python /var/www/rmn/respect-my-net/ migrate - python /var/www/rmn/respect-my-net/ migrate
- python /var/www/rmn/respect-my-net/ collectstatic - python /var/www/rmn/respect-my-net/ collectstatic
- python /var/www/rmn/respect-my-net/ rebuild_index - python /var/www/rmn/respect-my-net/ rebuild_index
- sudo service uwsgi restart - sudo service uwsgi restart
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