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[doc] more verbatim email body

parent db0995c2
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ def confirm(request, id, name=None):
def sendverifymail(service,to):
actid = hashlib.sha1(''.join([chr(randint(32, 122)) for x in range(12)])).hexdigest()
msg = MIMEText(_("Your verification key is %s/%s%s\n") % (settings.ROOT_URL or 'http://localhost:8001/', service, actid))
msg = MIMEText(_("Thank you for submitting a new report. To finalize your submission please confirm using your validation key.\nYour verification key is %s/%s%s\n") % (settings.ROOT_URL or 'http://localhost:8001/', service, actid))
msg['Subject'] = _('NNMon submission verification')
msg['From'] = ''
msg['To'] = to
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