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[fix] added list.html

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{% extends "base.html" %}
{% load bt %}
{% load i18n %}
{% block styles %}
{% endblock %}
{% block scripts %}
<script type="text/javascript" src="{%media_url%}/js/jquery.1.4.2.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
{% endblock %}
{%block content%}
<table class="listing">
{% for violation in violations.object_list %}
<td>{{ }}</td>
<td>{{ violation.operator }}</td>
<td>{{ violation.contract }}</td>
<td>{{ violation.resource }}</td>
<td>{{ violation.type }}</td>
<td>{{ }}</td>
<td>{{ violation.temporary }}</td>
<td>{{ violation.contractual }}</td>
<td>{{ violation.contractual_excerpt }}</td>
<td>{{ violation.loophole }}</td>
{% endfor %}
<div class="pagination">
<span class="step-links">
{% if violations.has_previous %}
<a href="?page={{ violations.previous_page_number }}">previous</a>
{% endif %}
<span class="current">
Page {{ violations.number }} of {{ violations.paginator.num_pages }}.
{% if violations.has_next %}
<a href="?page={{ violations.next_page_number }}">next</a>
{% endif %}
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