Commit 9f652de1 authored by cynddl's avatar cynddl
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Remove unwanted actions from article views

parent b570362b
......@@ -68,20 +68,31 @@
<td class="actions-cell">
<ul class="actions-list">
{% if filter_view == 'flux' %}
<li class="actions-item-draft"><a href="#">
<i class="fa fa-chevron-right" aria-hidden="true"></i> Mettre en attente</a>
<li class="actions-item-reject"><a href="#">
<i class="fa fa-times" aria-hidden="true"></i> Rejeter</a>
{% else %}
<li class="actions-item-edit"><a href="#">
<i class="fa fa-pencil" aria-hidden="true"></i> Éditer</a>
<li class="actions-item-publish"><a href="#">
<i class="fa fa-check" aria-hidden="true"></i> Publier</a>
{% endif %}
{% if filter_view != 'flux' %}
<tr class="tags-row">
<td colspan="8">
<strong>Tags</strong> tags tags
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
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