Commit 31d7345c authored by Mindiell's avatar Mindiell
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Added known users in order to reduce spam

parent 08e4ec67
......@@ -519,6 +519,7 @@ class Wantzel(object):
connection.execute("UPDATE rpator SET score=score+1 WHERE name='%s';" % user)
connection.execute("INSERT INTO rpator (name, score) VALUES ('%s', 1);" % user)
# Ok, we got all information we need, let's answer now !
if master_user:
......@@ -554,6 +555,7 @@ class Wantzel(object):
connection = sqlite3.connect(config.sqlite_db)
connection.execute("UPDATE rpator SET score=score-1 WHERE user='%s'" % user)
connection.execute("DELETE FROM rpator WHERE score<1")
# Date of next cleaning
next_week = time.localtime(time.mktime(time.localtime())+(MASTER_CLEANING*86400))
self.next_cleaning = time.strptime("%s-%s-%s %s" % (
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