Commit 8edbf21a authored by Mindiell's avatar Mindiell
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Le nettoyage des scores de RP se font sur tout le monde, et pas sur un utilisateur spécifique

parent 2f6822bc
......@@ -549,11 +549,11 @@ class Wantzel(object):
def clean_master_rp(self):
This method cleans the known user from rp_mastering each 7 days
This method cleans known users from rp_mastering each 7 days
# Cleaning users
connection = sqlite3.connect(config.sqlite_db)
connection.execute("UPDATE rpator SET score=score-1 WHERE user='%s'" % user)
connection.execute("UPDATE rpator SET score=score-1")
connection.execute("DELETE FROM rpator WHERE score<1")
# Date of next cleaning
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