Commit 193a0ca9 authored by luxcem's avatar luxcem

twitter avant les mails dans la boite depute

parent a08b2cef
...@@ -48,28 +48,33 @@ ...@@ -48,28 +48,33 @@
</a> </a>
<div class="depute-info" ng-show=""> <div class="depute-info" ng-show="">
<h3>{{ depute.depute.nom }}</h3> <h3>{{ depute.depute.nom }}</h3>
<p>{{ depute.depute.groupe_sigle}} - {{ depute.depute.parti_ratt_financier }}</p> <p>{{ depute.depute.groupe_sigle}} - {{ depute.depute.parti_ratt_financier }}</p>
<ul> <ul>
<li ng-if="depute.infos.twitter">Twitter : <a ng-href="{{ depute.infos.twitter }}">@{{ depute.infos.twitter }}</a></li>
<li ng-repeat="email in depute.depute.emails"> <li ng-repeat="email in depute.depute.emails">
<a ng-href="mailto:{{}}">{{ }}</a> <a ng-href="mailto:{{}}">{{ }}</a>
</li> </li>
<li ng-if="depute.infos.twitter">Twitter : <a ng-href="{{ depute.infos.twitter }}">@{{ depute.infos.twitter }}</a></li>
<li ng-if=""><a ng-href="{{ }}">{{ }}</a></li> <li ng-if=""><a ng-href="{{ }}">{{ }}</a></li>
<!-- <li><a ng-href="{{depute.depute.url_an}}">{{ depute.depute.url_an }}</a></li> --> <!-- <li><a ng-href="{{depute.depute.url_an}}">{{ depute.depute.url_an }}</a></li> -->
<!-- <li><a ng-href="{{depute.depute.url_nosdeputes}}">{{ depute.depute.url_nosdeputes }}</a></li> --> <!-- <li><a ng-href="{{depute.depute.url_nosdeputes}}">{{ depute.depute.url_nosdeputes }}</a></li> -->
</ul> </ul>
<!-- Bloc piPhone --> <!-- Bloc piPhone -->
<p> <p>
<strong> <strong>
<a href="">Appelez</a> vos députés&nbsp;! <a href="">Appelez</a> vos députés&nbsp;!
</strong> <br> </strong> <br>
Refusez cette loi de surveillance&nbsp;! Refusez cette loi de surveillance&nbsp;!
</p> </p>
<p ng-if="depute.infos.id_piphone"> <p ng-if="depute.infos.id_piphone">
<a class="btn btn-success" <a class="btn btn-success"
href="{{ depute.infos.id_piphone }}/#mep" href="{{ depute.infos.id_piphone }}/#mep"
target="_blank" role="button">Appelez gratuitement</a> target="_blank" role="button">Appelez gratuitement</a>
</p> </p>
<!-- <object data="{{ depute.depute.slug }}" width="215" height="380"></object> --> <!-- <object data="{{ depute.depute.slug }}" width="215" height="380"></object> -->
</div> </div>
</div> </div>
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