Commit 34c33743 authored by Okhin's avatar Okhin
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Testing and setting SESSION.error and SESSION.message if they're not defined

parent 37b6d473
......@@ -42,6 +42,12 @@ $f3->set('ONERROR', function ($f3) {
// If there is any problem, replace the current csrf
$csrf = md5(rand());
$f3->CSRF = $csrf;
// If neither error or message are set, define them
if (!$f3->exists('SESSION.message'))
$f3->push('SESSION.message', '');
if (!$f3->exists('SESSION.error'))
$f3->push('SESSION.error', '');
$f3->get('container')['session']->set('csrf', $csrf);
while (ob_get_level()) {
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