Commit 6c8f8f95 authored by Guinness's avatar Guinness
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Merge branch 'receipt-fix' into 'preprod'

Forgot to remove file and to fix path

See merge request lqdn-interne/don!22
parents 7cd60320 9686d5d8
......@@ -408,7 +408,7 @@ class Perso extends Controller
$db = $f3->get('DB');
$id = $params['id'];
$command = "pdftk ";
$args = " ./receipt.pdf fill_form ../tmp/".$id.".xfdf output ../tmp/".$id.".pdf flatten dont_ask";
$args = " ../www/receipt.pdf fill_form ../tmp/".$id.".xfdf output ../tmp/".$id.".pdf flatten dont_ask";
$logger->write($command . " " .$args);
// Vérification que le don appartient bien à l'utilisateur connecté
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