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Migrate database to remove alias and keep only one address per user

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use Phinx\Migration\AbstractMigration;
class UneSeuleAdresse extends AbstractMigration
* Change Method.
* Write your reversible migrations using this method.
* More information on writing migrations is available here:
* The following commands can be used in this method and Phinx will
* automatically reverse them when rolling back:
* createTable
* renameTable
* addColumn
* addCustomColumn
* renameColumn
* addIndex
* addForeignKey
* Any other destructive changes will result in an error when trying to
* rollback the migration.
* Remember to call "create()" or "update()" and NOT "save()" when working
* with the Table class.
public function up()
// Removing the alias <> user_id index
$table = $this->table('adresses');
$table->removeIndex(['alias', 'user_id'])
// Deleting all addresses, to be sure we don't have doubles
$this->execute('TRUNCATE TABLE adresses;');
// Add a unique index on user_id
$table->addIndex(['user_id'], ['unique' => true])
public function down() {
$table = $this->table('adresses');
$table->addColumn('alias', 'string')
$table->addIndex(['alias', 'user_id'], ['unique' => true])
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