Commit e22182ca authored by Okhin's avatar Okhin
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Mise à jour des logos et contreparties sur la page d'accueil

parent 3171b757
......@@ -126,19 +126,19 @@
<div class="col-md-9 img-list">
<div class="col-md-3">
<img class="media-object" src="/static/img/contreparties_piplome-01.png" alt="">
<img class="media-object" src="/static/img/piplome.svg" alt="">
<div class="media-body">{{ _("Un &#960;plome<br><small>(cumul de 30&euro;)</small>") }}</div>
<div class="col-md-3">
<img class="media-object" src="/static/img/contreparties_pibag-01.png" alt="">
<img class="media-object" src="/static/img/pibag.svg" alt="">
<div class="media-body">{{ _("Un pibag<br><small>(cumul de 50&euro;)</small>") }}</div>
<div class="col-md-3">
<img class="media-object" src="/static/img/contreparties_pishirt-01.png" alt="">
<img class="media-object" src="/static/img/pishirt.svg" alt="">
<div class="media-body">{{ _("Un pishirt<br><small>(cumul de 100&euro;)</small>") }}</div>
<div class="col-md-3">
<img class="media-object" src="/static/img/contreparties_hoopie-01.png" alt="">
<img class="media-object" src="/static/img/hoopie.svg" alt="">
<div class="media-body">{{ _("Un hoopie<br><small>(cumul de 250&euro;)</small>") }}</div>
......@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@
<div class="container-fluid">
<div class="navbar-header">
<a class="navbar-brand" href="{{ 'home' | alias }}">
<img src="/static/img/logo.png" alt="">
<img src="/static/img/logo.svg" alt="">
<ul class="nav navbar-nav navbar-right">
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