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Escape parameters used in external commands in the Perso controller

The risk of command injection is negligible now that the identifier is
verified to be present in the database, but better be safe in regard to
future changes.
parent 6516c8a3
......@@ -390,7 +390,7 @@ class Perso extends Controller
$db = $f3->get('DB');
$id = $params['id'];
$command = "pdftk ";
$args = " ../www/receipt.pdf fill_form ../tmp/".$id.".xfdf output ../tmp/".$id.".pdf flatten dont_ask";
$args = " ../www/receipt.pdf fill_form ../tmp/".escapeshellarg($id).".xfdf output ../tmp/".escapeshellarg($id).".pdf flatten dont_ask";
$logger->write($command . " " .$args);
// Vérification que le don appartient bien à l'utilisateur connecté
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