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Ajout des variables

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# defaults file for forum-lqdn
# Where should the git directory be cloned
discourse_install_path: "/opt/discourse"
# The home for the discourse user, should stay empty.
discourse_home_path: "/home/discourse"
# Where the data ( uploads, database, etc.. ) should be stored
discourse_storage_location: "/var/discourse/data"
# Where the application logs should be stored
discourse_log_location: "/var/log/discourse"
# The discourse version you want to use
discourse_discourse_version: "v2.8.0"
# The domain name you want to use.
discourse_domain_name: ""
# Where should the emails be sent
discourse_admin_email_account: ""
# The first user of your forum credential's
discourse_forum_admin_user: ""
discourse_forum_admin_password: ""
# SMTP settings
discourse_smtp_address: ""
discourse_smtp_port: ""
discourse_smtp_username: ""
discourse_smtp_auth: ""
discourse_smtp_openssl_verify: ""
discourse_smtp_password: ""
discourse_smtp_starttls: ""
author: your name
description: your role description
company: your company (optional)
author: nono
description: Install, configure and update Discourse software with Docker
company: lqdn
name: ansible-role-Discourse
role_name: ansible_role_discourse
namespace: lqdn
# If the issue tracker for your role is not on github, uncomment the
# next line and provide a value
......@@ -14,7 +18,7 @@ galaxy_info:
# - GPL-3.0-only
# - Apache-2.0
# - CC-BY-4.0
license: license (GPL-2.0-or-later, MIT, etc)
license: AGPL-3.0-only
min_ansible_version: 2.1
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