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Edited setup_env.yml to allow custom php_ver

parent e012813b
# additionnal setup and fixes for OS dependent environment
- name: "controls nextcloud_trusted_domain type"
# additional setup and fixes for OS dependent environment
- name: "[ENV] controls nextcloud_trusted_domain type"
msg: "New versions require nextcloud_trusted_domain to be declared as a list."
when: nextcloud_trusted_domain is string
- name: "[ENV] remember custom php version"
php_ver_custom: "{{ php_ver }}"
when: php_ver is defined
- name: "[ENV] include OS static vars"
include_vars: '{{ item }}'
- '{{ ansible_distribution }}-{{ ansible_distribution_release }}.yml'
- '{{ ansible_os_family }}.yml'
- name: "[ENV] Overwrite OS php_ver with custom php version if defined"
php_ver: "{{ php_ver_custom }}"
when: php_ver_custom is defined
- name: "[ENV] - ca-certificate are up to date"
# needed for downloading from download.nextcloud.com as the site use letsencrypt certificates
# letsencrypt may not be trusted on older OS
......@@ -44,4 +54,3 @@
- nc_sudo_installed_result.rc is defined
- nc_sudo_installed_result.rc != 0
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