Unverified Commit 92a69df3 authored by Marc Crebassa's avatar Marc Crebassa Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #104 from aalaesar/aalaesar-patch-1

Fix bash-ism 'and 'condition
parents d5fb09cb 58758b12
- name: "[mySQL: Debian] - Service is installed."
name: "{{ 'default-' if (ansible_distribution|lower) == 'debian' && nextcloud_db_backend == 'mysql' else '' }}{{ nextcloud_db_backend }}-server"
name: "{{ 'default-' if ((ansible_distribution|lower) == 'debian' and nextcloud_db_backend == 'mysql') else '' }}{{ nextcloud_db_backend }}-server"
state: present
register: nc_mysql_db_install
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