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Merge pull request #93 from privateseabass/patch-1

Ansible is now on version 2.9
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......@@ -9,11 +9,13 @@ services:
# latest ansible + code coverage
- env: ansible_version="<2.8" NC_DB=mysql NC_WEB=apache2
- env: ansible_version="<2.8" NC_DB=mysql NC_WEB=nginx
- env: ansible_version="2.9" NC_DB=mysql NC_WEB=apache2
- env: ansible_version="2.9" NC_DB=mysql NC_WEB=nginx
- env: ansible_version="" NC_DB=pgsql NC_WEB=apache2
- env: ansible_version="" NC_DB=pgsql NC_WEB=nginx
# backward compatibility:
# ansible 2.9.x
- env: ansible_version="<2.10" NC_DB=mysql NC_WEB=apache2
# ansible 2.8.x
- env: ansible_version="<2.9" NC_DB=mysql NC_WEB=apache2
# ansible 2.7.x
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