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......@@ -57,6 +57,8 @@ Using this playbook, you can get the following services configured on your serve
- (optional) the [mautrix-signal]( bridge for bridging your Matrix server to [Signal](
- (optional) the [beeper-linkedin]( bridge for bridging your Matrix server to [LinkedIn](
- (optional) the [matrix-appservice-irc]( bridge for bridging your Matrix server to [IRC](
- (optional) the [matrix-appservice-discord]( bridge for bridging your Matrix server to [Discord](
# Setting up Beeper Linkedin (optional)
The playbook can install and configure [beeper-linkedin]( for you. This bridge is based on the mautrix-python framework and can be configured in a similar way to the other mautrix bridges
See the project's [documentation]( to learn what it does and why it might be useful to you.
matrix_beeper_linkedin_enabled: true
There are some additional things you may wish to configure about the bridge before you continue.
Encryption support is off by default. If you would like to enable encryption, add the following to your `vars.yml` file:
matrix_beeper_linkedin_configuration_extension_yaml: |
allow: true
default: true
If you would like to be able to administrate the bridge from your account it can be configured like this:
matrix_beeper_linkedin_configuration_extension_yaml: |
You may wish to look at `roles/matrix-bridge-beeper-linkedin/templates/config.yaml.j2` to find other things you would like to configure.
## Set up Double Puppeting
If you'd like to use [Double Puppeting]( (hint: you most likely do), you have 2 ways of going about it.
### Method 1: automatically, by enabling Shared Secret Auth
The bridge will automatically perform Double Puppeting if you enable [Shared Secret Auth]( for this playbook.
This is the recommended way of setting up Double Puppeting, as it's easier to accomplish, works for all your users automatically, and has less of a chance of breaking in the future.
## Usage
You then need to start a chat with `@linkedinbot:YOUR_DOMAIN` (where `YOUR_DOMAIN` is your base domain, not the `matrix.` domain).
Send `login YOUR_LINKEDIN_EMAIL_ADDRESS` to the bridge bot to enable bridging for your LinkedIn account.
If you run into trouble, check the [Troubleshooting](#troubleshooting) section below.
After successfully enabling bridging, you may wish to [set up Double Puppeting](#set-up-double-puppeting), if you haven't already done so.
## Troubleshooting
### Bridge asking for 2FA even if you don't have 2FA enabled
If you don't have 2FA enabled and are logging in from a strange IP for the first time, LinkedIn will send an email with a one-time code. You can use this code to authorize the bridge session. In my experience, once the IP is authorized, you will not be asked again.
......@@ -104,6 +104,8 @@ When you're done with all the configuration you'd like to do, continue with [Ins
- [Setting up Appservice IRC bridging]( (optional)
- [Setting up Beeper LinkedIn bridging]( (optional)
- [Setting up Appservice Discord bridging]( (optional)
- [Setting up Appservice Slack bridging]( (optional)
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