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Do not advertise Debian 9 support

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It's mostly due to Docker CE dropping its repositories (and support) for
Debian 9.
If one installs Docker manually (likely a package named ``), it
will likely still work.
In any case, Debian 9 is old and end-of-life now, so advertising support
for it is not productive.
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......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ This is similar to the [EMnify/matrix-synapse-auto-deploy](
- this one **can be executed more than once** without causing trouble
- works on various distros: **CentOS** (7.0+), Debian-based distributions (**Debian** 9/Stretch+, **Ubuntu** 16.04+), **Archlinux**
- works on various distros: **CentOS** (7.0+), Debian-based distributions (**Debian** 10/Buster+, **Ubuntu** 18.04+), **Archlinux**
- this one installs everything in a single directory (`/matrix` by default) and **doesn't "contaminate" your server** with files all over the place
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ To install Matrix services using this Ansible playbook, you need:
- (Recommended) An **x86** server ([What kind of server specs do I need?]( running one of these operating systems:
- **CentOS** (7 only for now; [8 is not yet supported](
- **Debian** (9/Stretch or newer)
- **Debian** (10/Buster or newer)
- **Ubuntu** (18.04 or newer, although [20.04 may be problematic](
- **Archlinux**
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