Commit ee75d351 authored by Wolfgang Winter's avatar Wolfgang Winter
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Endpoint changes for Client and media API due to migration to 1.41.0

parent c1c2c8cb
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ matrix_synapse_workers_generic_worker_endpoints:
- ^/_matrix/federation/v1/send/
# Client API requests
- ^/_matrix/client/(api/v1|r0|unstable)/createRoom$
- ^/_matrix/client/(api/v1|r0|unstable)/publicRooms$
- ^/_matrix/client/(api/v1|r0|unstable)/rooms/.*/joined_members$
- ^/_matrix/client/(api/v1|r0|unstable)/rooms/.*/context/.*$
......@@ -253,10 +254,12 @@ matrix_synapse_workers_media_repository_endpoints:
- ^/_synapse/admin/v1/user/.*/media.*$
- ^/_synapse/admin/v1/media/.*$
- ^/_synapse/admin/v1/quarantine_media/.*$
- ^/_synapse/admin/v1/users/.*/media$
# You should also set `enable_media_repo: False` in the shared configuration
# file to stop the main synapse running background jobs related to managing the
# media repository.
# media repository. Note that doing so will prevent the main process from being
# able to handle the above endpoints.
# In the `media_repository` worker configuration file, configure the http listener to
# expose the `media` resource. For example:
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