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WIP update service task

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# Update the keycloak installation
# Stop the service
- name: Stopping the service for the update.
name: "{{ keycloak_service_name }}"
state: stopped
ignore_errors: true
# Delete the data/tx-object-store/ transaction directory
- name: Deleting the data/tx-object-store/ transaction directory
path: "{{ keycloak_jboss_home }}/standalone/data/tx-object-store"
state: absent
# Backup the old installation
- name: Making a copy of the current installation
# Backup the database
- name: Backing up the of database
# Upgrade the server
- name: Upgrading the server with the new files
# This is actually reinstalling the files.
# copy the KEYCLOAK_HOME/standalone/ directory from the previous installation over the directory in the new installation.
- name: Copying the standalon directory from the previous installation
# Run the upgrade script
# bin/ --file=bin/migrate-standalone-ha.cli
- name: Running the upgrade script
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