Commit 1e525dab authored by nono's avatar nono
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Mise à jour des informations sur le rôle

parent c1bf70f9
author: your name
description: your role description
company: your company (optional)
author: nono
description: Manage updates via unattended-upgrades
company: La Quadrature Du Net
role_name: updates # if absent directory name hosting role is used instead
namespace: lqdn # if absent, author is used instead
# If the issue tracker for your role is not on github, uncomment the
# next line and provide a value
......@@ -50,4 +53,3 @@ galaxy_info:
dependencies: []
# List your role dependencies here, one per line. Be sure to remove the '[]' above,
# if you add dependencies to this list.
\ No newline at end of file
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