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- geerlingguy.php
- name: crée un utilisateur système pour wordpress
name: "{{ wordpress_unix_user }}"
comment: Utilisateur système pour wordpress
state: present
system: yes
group: "{{ webserver_user }}"
- name: télécharge la dernière version de wp-cli
dest: "{{ wordpress_wpcli_path }}"
owner: "{{ wordpress_unix_user }}"
mode: 0755
- name: vérifie si wp-cli est à jour
command: "php {{ wordpress_wpcli_path }} cli check-update"
register: wp_cli_update
changed_when: "wp_cli_update.stdout != 'Success: WP-CLI is at the latest version.'"
become: yes
become_user: "{{ wordpress_unix_user }}"
- name: mise à jour de wp-cli
command: "php {{ wordpress_wpcli_path }} cli update"
when: wp_cli_update.changed
become: yes
become_user: "{{ wordpress_unix_user }}"
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