Commit 4a26133e authored by Porkepix's avatar Porkepix

Create a common role for all servers

This new role contains for now only a task related to the
authorized_keys file to manage SSH keys.
parent 965c7389
default_editor: /usr/bin/vim
- name: Configure SSH access
include: ssh.yml
- name: Set authorized_keys2 file
src: authorized_keys2.j2
dest: /root/.ssh/authorized_keys2
mode: 0600
{% for person in people %}
{% for k in person['keys'] %}
environment="SSHCLIENTUSER={{ person['user'] }}",environment="EDITOR={{ person['editor'] | default(default_editor) }}",environment="GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL={{ person['git_author_email'] }}",environment="GIT_AUTHOR_NAME={{ person['git_author_name'] }}" {{ k['key'] }} {{ k['comment'] }}
{% endfor %}
{% endfor %}
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